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Lance J. Goff Joins Ranks of Million Dollar Advocates With Arbitration Win

Lance was hired to collect a contingent fee for a lawyer who had provided services on a real estate development many years ago. After a two year battle against one of the largest law firms in Colorado, a panel of arbitrators entered an almost $1.7M award to Lance's client, which included recovery of costs and attorney's fees.

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Goff & Goff Prevents Debtor From Obtaining a Bankruptcy Discharge Due to Fraud

Lance Goff and Bart Balis uncovered hidden assets in a bankruptcy case; obtained a turnover of the concealed property and then successfully moved to prevent the Debtor from receiving a bankruptcy discharge.

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Goff & Goff Successfully Represents Creditor in Chapter 13 Case

Lance Goff aids client in preventing ex-husband from discharging his obligation to pay for his children's college expenses

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Goff & Goff Obtains Unequal Property Division for Client in Jefferson County Divorce Case

Lance and Kathryn Goff recently represented the wife in a divorce trial in Jefferson County. In lieu of maintenance, the Family Court awarded the wife 60% of the marital estate.

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New Chapter 7 Means Test Numbers in Colorado for 2015-2016

The U.S. Trustee's Office has issued new Means Testing Tables Which are Now in Effect. If your income exceeds the amount(s) provided below, based upon your household size, you will be subject to Means Testing if you elect to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Statutes of Limitation in Consumer Defense: A Shield AND a Sword

It is a violation of fair debt collection laws for a collection agency to file a lawsuit against a consumer on stale claims.

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Recent Litigation Trends Underscore Risks in Small Business Chapter 7 Filings

There have been several cases filed by bankruptcy trustees in recent months against principals of corporate debtors seeking to "claw back" funds paid by the corporation to the principals in the year prior to the corporate Chapter 7 filing.

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Can Grandparents be Awarded Custody?

When a family is divided by divorce, a great deal of time goes into determining parental visitation rights and custody. Because they are not automatically afforded visitation rights or custody, grandparents are often overlooked. So, can grandparents be awarded custody of a grandchild after a divorce in Colorado? The short...

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