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Lance Goff’s Recent Oral Argument in The Colorado Court of Appeals

Recently, Lance Goff completed an oral argument in the Colorado Court of Appeals case of Patten v. Estate of Boyace. Listen to Lance's Oral Argument Lance is an experienced attorney practicing bankruptcy and personal injury law, and specializing in bankruptcy litigation, civil litigation, personal injury litigation, and...

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Newly Divorced Parents Can Make the Back to School Transition Smoother

When summer begins to wind down and the new school year is just around the corner, most parents are focused on all the many tasks associated with back to school. There are school supplies to be bought, school clothes to be shopped for, annual health, eye and dental exams to schedule as well as signing the kids up for sports and...

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Colorado Same-Sex Divorce - What You Should Know

The Supreme Court recently ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry across the United States. As Justice Anthony Kennedy noted “No longer may this liberty be denied.” Although the vote was narrow—5-4—Kennedy’s opinion was clear and firm. This ruling ended the ban on same-sex marriages in the remaining...

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Non-Court Ordered Child Support - When Your Ex Stops Paying

Many parents receiving non-court-ordered child support have been stunned when the support ended and they find, to their dismay, the courts look at such support more as a gift than a requirement. Absent a formal written agreement between the two parties, when a parent who has been paying non-court-ordered child support suddenly...

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Budgeting after a Divorce

Divorce is actually one of the top four negative life experiences—it can be gut-wrenching and heartbreaking. Even in the friendliest divorces there are emotions involved which can sometimes make it difficult to ensure the financial settlement is truly fair. In some instances one spouse may simply walk away from the entire...

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How to Separate Your Emotions During a Divorce

When you are engaged in mediation you will be required to make a decision on an entire litany of tangible issues such as who will stay in the marital home, who will be paying the bills, and whether spousal support will be paid. If the two of you don’t have your anger or grief over the divorce in check, it can be difficult...

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Can You Recover Financially From a Divorce?

Divorce can impact taxes, retirement funds, bank accounts, credit card bills and a whole host of other financial holdings. For those who divorce later in life, it can be even more difficult to recover financially. A spouse who has been out of the workforce for a significant length of time may find it difficult to obtain...

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How Does Your Judge Affect the Outcome of Your Divorce?

As you may already have realized, there are a variety of people who can have an impact on the outcome of your divorce. Of course, your spouse will have a significant impact on the direction your divorce takes, as well as family members on both sides. Your attorney and your spouse’s attorney will also determine, to some...

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