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How Unreported Cash From Your Spouse’s Business can Affect Your Divorce

Here are some tips to help clarify how unreported cash from your spouse's business can affect your divorce. If you're considering divorce, the Boulder divorce attorneys at Goff & Goff can help. Call today.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution & Divorce

Alternative dispute resolution can be a good option for spouses who want to work out the best outcome for their divorce. If you're considering divorce, contact Goff and Goff for caring experienced help today.

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Parenting Plans for Special Needs Children

Parenting plans are great when they work the way they are intended. As such, more courts are putting great stock in parenting plans and encouraging parents and attorneys to implement them when determining custody. Many courts also mandate parenting programs for both parents in an attempt to impress on parents how much of an...

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Is Your Ex Bribing the Children?

Is your ex bribing the children? Some parents will try and win the favor of their children and turn them against the other parent. If you're considering divorce, the Boulder firm of Goff and Goff can lead you through the process.

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Navigating Through Toxic Emotions Following a Divorce

Toxic emotions following a divorce can keep you from moving onto better things in life. Considering divorce? The Boulder attorneys at Goff & Goff can help.

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Goff & Goff Accepting Clients in Syngenta Mass Tort Case

Syngenta, which manufactures GMO seeds, caused disruption in corn market beginning in November of 2013, when a shipment of corn from the U.S. to China was found to contain Syngenta corn which had not been approved in China.

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District Court Affirms Student Loan Discharge Order

The United States District Court for the District of Colorado, in College Assist v. GuBrath (2014 WL 6990123) has affirmed the Bankruptcy Court's Order discharging a debtor's $100,000+ student loan obligation.

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10th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Against Debtor in Tax Discharge Case

On December 29, 2014, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, in Mallo v. Internal Revenue Service (13-1464) ruled against the Debtors who were attempting to discharge income tax liability for tax returns that were late-filed.

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