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Goff & Goff Wins Contested Chapter 13 Confirmation Hearing

On June 17, 2014, Bankruptcy Judge Bruce Campbell ruled that the debtors could "strip off" a junior deed of trust from their residence in their Chapter 13 Plan, confirming it over the objection of a creditor.

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Supreme Court Rules Against Debtors in Inherited IRA Case

A unanimous Supreme Court in the case of Clark v. Rameker 2014 U.S. Lexis 4166 has ruled that inherited IRA's are not "retirement funds" and therefore are not exempt from creditors' claims in a bankruptcy case.

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Bankruptcy Myths Uncovered

Bankruptcy has lots of myths and false common beliefs attached to it. Learn the common myths and reach the facts.

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Student Loans and Bankruptcy

Sometimes, filing for bankruptcy might be the way out.

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Can I File Medical Bankruptcy?

Car accident victims most likely have a longer road to recovery than what they are initially told. Many people injured in car accidents experience complications from brain, head and neck injuries, and back and spinal injuries. In addition, serious injuries often times lead to psychological problems, such as post-traumatic stress...

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Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Right for Me?

If you are one of the thousands of individuals who are struggling to pay bills every month and have a large amount of debt, bankruptcy may be a viable option. The majority of individuals do not consider bankruptcy as a way to improve their credit ratings and get out of crushing debt, but for many—bankruptcy does exactly...

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Income Taxes are Dischargeable in Bankruptcy

Filing the Returns is Vital - Even if Late

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Disabled Veteran Exception to Means Testing

Goff & Goff recently filed a Chapter 7 case for a disabled veteran who would have been ineligible to file Chapter 7.

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