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Goff & Goff Obtains Unequal Property Division for Client in Jefferson County Divorce Case

Lance and Kathryn Goff recently represented the wife in a divorce trial in Jefferson County. In lieu of maintenance, the Family Court awarded the wife 60% of the marital estate.

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Can Grandparents be Awarded Custody?

When a family is divided by divorce, a great deal of time goes into determining parental visitation rights and custody. Because they are not automatically afforded visitation rights or custody, grandparents are often overlooked. So, can grandparents be awarded custody of a grandchild after a divorce in Colorado? The short...

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Serving Divorce Papers in Colorado

After you have filed the required paperwork with the court to begin the process, and you have chosen to proceed with a divorce, the next step is to serve your spouse with a copy of the divorce papers. This is an integral step because serving divorce papers in Colorado formally notifies your spouse that a divorce has been filed...

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Parental Alienation Syndrome After a Divorce

Divorce brings with it a whole range of emotions and reactions. When the resolution of a marriage also involves the lives of children, it becomes increasingly more complex. The term Parental Alienation Syndrome, or PAS, refers to a child’s psychological condition brought about when one parent purposely or inadvertently...

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Goff & Goff Wins Appeal in Foreign Decree Registration Case

The Colorado Court of Appeals, in a decision handed down on September 10, 2015 (14 CA 2000) ruled that a decree from another state cannot be registered in Colorado unless the statutory requirements regarding the filing of exemplified copies of all previous pleadings in the foreign proceeding are filed in the Colorado Court.

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Will Your Colorado Child Support Ever End?

State laws establish the legal “age of majority,” which is the age at which an individual is no longer a minor and has the right to make the legal choices made by adults. In some states the age of majority is considered to be 18, while in others it is 21. In cases where the young adult is still in high school, the age of...

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Marijuana use and Child Custody

Because marijuana for recreational use is now legal in four states—with an additional 19 states legalizing medical marijuana use—many wonder how marijuana use and child custody issues will interact. In fact, the changing laws, not to mention the changing attitudes, across the United States regarding marijuana use, may have a...

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Relocating with a Minor After a Divorce

Many parents, in an effort to put their divorce and prior life behind them and start new, consider relocation. There are many reasons for such a relocation, including a new job, to be closer to family members, remarriage or simply a change of scenery. Because our society has become more and more transient over the past few...

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