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How Unreported Cash From Your Spouse’s Business can Affect Your Divorce

Here are some tips to help clarify how unreported cash from your spouse's business can affect your divorce. If you're considering divorce, the Boulder divorce attorneys at Goff & Goff can help. Call today.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution & Divorce

Alternative dispute resolution can be a good option for spouses who want to work out the best outcome for their divorce. If you're considering divorce, contact Goff and Goff for caring experienced help today.

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Is Your Ex Bribing the Children?

Is your ex bribing the children? Some parents will try and win the favor of their children and turn them against the other parent. If you're considering divorce, the Boulder firm of Goff and Goff can lead you through the process.

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Navigating Through Toxic Emotions Following a Divorce

Toxic emotions following a divorce can keep you from moving onto better things in life. Considering divorce? The Boulder attorneys at Goff & Goff can help.

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Goff & Goff Secures Dismissal of Restraining Order Violation Case

Parties to family law cases will sometimes attempt to obtain and use restraining orders to gain an edge in custody disputes. We will not allow our clients to be disadvantaged by such tactics. On January 13, 2014, our meticulous preparation led to the Denver District Attorney's Office voluntarily dismissing a restraining order violation Complaint against one of our family law clients rather than face a probable loss at trial.

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Colorado Maintenance Law to Change in 2014

Colorado is enacting a maintenance statute that follows a formula both for duration of maintenance and amount beginning in 2014.

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